Earn Money From Mining Bitcoins With Kryptex - LinkJet.Me

Earn Money From Mining Bitcoins With Kryptex - LinkJet.Me


There are numerous ways to make money from crypto currencies like Bitcoin , Ethereum , Dogecoin and much more. There is the method of trading crypto coins which are popularly done through platforms like Coinbase and Binance. Anyway, we are going to focus on ” how to earn money from mining free cryptocurrencies ” the very easy and certainly RISK-FREE method of earning various coins which can be later traded or withdrawn into real money.


How  To Mine Cryptocurrencies With Kryptex.


Step: 1

Visit the Kryptex website and firstly sign up for a completely free account.

Step: 2

Download the Kryptex app and run the installation on your PC. Kryptex will test your PC’s performance and estimate expected earnings. GPUs are the best in terms of mining but Kryptex will still show you the capability of your CPU for mining.

Step: 3

Launch the app after installation and Sign in with the information you used on their website. Kryptex also works more productively on a dedicated PC but can still run in the background while you use the browser and other apps.

Method To Maximize Your Earnings With Kryptex.

  1. Because GPU’s are very essential for higher hashrates, Kryptex offers a cloud shared Graphics Card which can be used to generate more money OR for several rendering purposes .
  2. Another great news. Kryptex also offers an Affiliate Program which enables you to earn even more money than expected. Here , the percentage allocated to you is not from the person you referred to but from Kryptex’s own account.

What You Need For Mining.

Below is the list of tools needed to start mining;

  • A computer with at least one video card (essential but not mandatory).
  • A miner application
  • The pool you will mine for

 All the most popular miners are already built into Kryptex. In addition, the hardware benchmark system selects the optimal miner for each of GPUs.

Here is the list of the best miners in case you wish choose one yourself;

  • Phoenix miner
  • Gminer
  • T-Rex miner
  • TeamRed miner
  • lolMiner