Overlay Pages - Increase Marketing Sales and Leads With LinkJet.Me

Overlay Pages - Increase Marketing Sales and Leads With LinkJet.Me


What is an Overlay Page?

An overlay page permits you to show a little non-intrusive overlay on the objective site to publicize your item or your administrations. You can likewise utilize this element to make an impression on your clients. You can modify the message and the presence of the overlay directly from this page. When you save it, the progressions will be applied promptly across the entirety of your URLs utilizing this sort.

 Check Out An Overlay Page >>>>Here<<<< to verify how it looks on your landing page.


How to create your free Overlay Pages with LinkJet.Me


1- Create A Free Account On LinkJet.Me.

Signup for your free account if you haven’t already. You do this by simply clicking on the Get Started button in the header section. Continue to fill out the simple signup form and login to your account after that.


2- Navigate To Overlay Pages 

On the left panel in your dashboard, locate the Overlay Pages menu and click on it to access the page. Once you are on the Overlay Pages page, continue by clicking on create then choose from the three types of Overlay Pages format available ( Message Overlay, Poll Overlay and  Contact Form Overlays).I shall hammer on the Message format in this article so be sure to try out the remaining formats later.

3- Customize The Display Info On Your Message Overlay.

Choose the message overlay option to head on to the creation page. Depending on the product you are trying to promote on your landing page, you must fill in the information you desire on the overlay. 


4- Customize The Looks Of Your Overlay.

Upload a supporting image (Avatar) which can boost your click through rate ( CTR ). Avatar should be square with a maximum size of 100x100. You also have the option to change the color for the text, button, background etc. Once you are satisfied with your overlay which shall be previewed on the top-right location in your dashboard, simply click on Create to finish this process.



How To Display The Message Overlay On Your Landing Page.


1- Copy the long URL of your landing page and paste it into the shortener on your dashboard.

2- Click on the button below  Shorten  and select your preferred overlay from the dropdown.



3- You can also add a custom Alias, Password, Keyword and other targeting options by clicking on the Advanced Option.



4. Once you are settled, click on Shorten to get your shortened link.


                            Test Your Overlay Pages.

NOTE. It is neccessary to test your landing page before putting it to use. To do this;


Simply open a new tab in your web browser .

Copy and Paste your shortened link into the browser and hit enter to search.

After the page is loaded, confirm that your message has been displayed as shown below.



REMEMBER: Some websites do not encourage this tool so it is always important to test your landing pages before putting your links to use.